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Monday, 27 February 2012

reasons to be cheerful...day 1

whilst I am experiencing the relaxing joys and challenges (!) of 'World of Sofa'...whilst resting my 'healing and getting much better' arm on a lovely cushion...whilst making and sewing and stitching and creating and all manner of art and craftyness are but a dream for the time being...I feel it is time to count some blessings...grey skies and chilly winds not withstanding...to do some 'house loving' by proxy...without a dyson or duster in any hand... as I look around hearth and home...I will seek to see past the dusty places...past the piling up piles...past the splodgy windows needing a good clean as the occasionally sunshiney light filters in...  to focus on the beautiful and positive ...on the simple but heartwarming...so please...come with me on my journey around my house and as my favourite children's book PEEPO says...what do we see?

a favourite spotty jug...don't you just love spots? and a delicious strawberry bowl ...and a little pot of sunny daffodils just emerging...brought in from the cold so we can enjoy their daily delightful flowering...

and there is more loveliness to come...please join me again tomorrow...for another reason to be cheerful* ...from the home front!

*with grateful thanks to Ian Drury


Beacee said...

My reason to be cheerful is a lovely little purple bird who flew in on this grey and now wet day. Thank you so much, he is just beautiful.
Your photo cheered me up too, I love tiny daffodils but mine are a long way from flowering yet.

Hope your arm is recovering well. x

knittynora said...

Ooooo...what a great idea! It's exactly what I needed.

So....reasons to be cheerful....

I also got my little birdie today. Absolutely beautiful! I cannot wait to wear it. It may even make an appearance at school tomorrow.

Another reason...I've nearly finished a lovely little baby hoodie I'm knitting at the moment. I'm sure my sister's baby will look oh so cute in it! :) (By the way, the baby is due in two weeks! Another reason to be cheerful)

So glad to hear your arm is healing nicely. Sending you lots more get well wishes to aid a speedy recovery :)

Already looking forward to tomorrow's edition.

Knittynora xx

Emmie and Emma said...

thanks both of you so much for letting me know the birds arrived safely, arm doing well thanks, left hand becoming very skilful!so exiting to hear about the baby knitting, love your etsy shop makes too knitty nora!xx