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Hello and welcome to my blog, where I love to share a little of my life with you...I am so lucky to be a textile artist and maker...inspired by the beautiful countryside around me and by all sorts of things in my life....if you fancy a creative WORKSHOP take a look here or taking a peep at what's in my ETSY shop click here...thank you for paying me a visit today!

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Sew much to do....

goodness how time flies when you've a life to blog.... achievement of the last week: looking into the ins and outs of having a shop on Folksy/Etsy and thinking about some new projects. Got some nice new bags on the go, using re-purposed fabrics and old jumpers - loving up some brooches too.
The nights are getting lighter, hooray, and tho' it's been cold (winter you know!) it's a very positive time of year. Lots of bulbs coming up in the garden, buds on all the bushes and the birds are making more of a chattering around dusk.
Just checked up on the dates for Woolfest - a fantastic show of makers and sellers of all things woolly, GO if you haven't been!-  knitted, felted and just fab. And so good that it's sooo Cumbrian - it's held just outside Cockermouth.
Must get to grips with ideas for a website too....just off for a snooze to top up the energy and ideas levels

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Day 2

Here we are, second day, where do we go from here? So much to learn and so much tea to drink....  The aim is to set up our own wee business, so we need a "presence" on the net. So next things to learn about are PayPal, an Etsy or Folksy shop and a website - all very exiting but to the unitiated a real challenge.
Thought for the day :"Imagination is more important than knowledge" (Albert Einstein)
and "A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step" ............
So let's go for it!
Introducing Sally and Amy - well why not?

Friday, 14 January 2011

In the beginning....

Well, here we are, the start of a whole new life as bloggers! Can't wait to get writing and sharing and uploading and all that sort of stuff!  We have been planning this for so long and finally have taken the plunge!