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Friday, 21 December 2012

Winter Soltice...

the shortest day...the longest night...and then the light begins to return...

and a special date...21.12.12... 

I have been out to give thanks and to bless the ash tree in our garden which is so beautiful all year round and gives us much needed shade in the summer...perhaps you have a tree or tree near you which would appreciate some love!

if you are interested in helping to bring peace to earth...in helping to create change...there is worldwide meditation happening this week, starting today 11.30-12.30 UK time...look here to join in...wherever you are in the world!  

Meditation? what's that? well...I just sit quietly (not a bad thing at this time of year!) and allow my thoughts to come and go...after a while they will quieten down...you can light a candle if you like, that always feel nice...I try to focus on my breathing...and let go...just sit in peace...

Winter Light
 Living light
Peeping through the crack of history
What new life seed
Do you bring forth?

No mere repeat of the past
Yet a variation on that form
Giving facility, possibility,
Redesigning an aspect
of love.

Kaaren Whitney
Winter Solstice 2002 

light and love to Mother Earth and to you all 

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