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Sunday, 29 April 2012

wild times

been pretty wild and windy and cold round these parts of late...but still there are brave flowers brightening up the garden and hedgerows and the lambs are growing bigger...I love the little black nosed ones with black stockings (rather St Trinians in a bizarre way...)

well-wrapped up I try to get out along the road for fresh air each day....a neighbour has some glorious wallflowers...fantastic colours just glowing against the grey stone wall...

a gift from the hens pressed into my hand this morning by husband of patience... fresh clean warm egg...so beautiful and perfect...so satisfying that we are supplying a few friends now with eggs on a regular basis which means daughter mine earns a little for her endeavors (mucking out!!) and we know we are making sure a few more hens have very happy lives...and we can all enjoy delicious cakes and eggy dishes made from really fresh eggs

a rainbow appears like magic over my studio...wherein lies the crock of gold... no...so much better than that...my stash of all kinds of colourful fabrics and textiles, cottons, silks, felted wool...threads....buttons and beads...sewing machine and gorgeous books and lots more lovely goodies!

so beautiful...and then the rain and hail came lashing down... 
and in the studio...a hive of activity as I prepare for a craft fair and for Woolfest...so many things to do and sort and sorce and decide...labels...packaging...labels...leaflets...how to set up the stall...a big sign to make...oh and stitching some crafty creative stock for the stall...but do you know what? I am LOVING every minute of it because I am doing it all for myself and no one is dictating when or how I do it!and I had a lovely machine embroidery workshop yesterday which just makes my heart sing!

and tonight in the kitchen we are keeping warm and snug....husband of patience has been alone with his willow again and now we have a giant basket and some new bases drying by the Aga...it's so good that he too is now making and creating and has found something he loves to make...and we can grow it too. He harvested a little this year and there will be more to come. Very simple and satisfying!

hope its a lot warmer where you are...have a creative week xx 

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