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Hello and welcome to my blog, where I love to share a little of my life with you...I am so lucky to be a textile artist and maker...inspired by the beautiful countryside around me and by all sorts of things in my life....if you fancy a creative WORKSHOP take a look here or taking a peep at what's in my ETSY shop click here...thank you for paying me a visit today!

Friday, 2 September 2011

it's Friday night and I'm loving...open studio exitement!

and yes the logo really is very yellow! quite the yellowist thing around...but hopefully really eye-catchingly yellow when viewed through the window of a speeding car or seen in a lovely local shopfront...

and yes, gosh, it really is happening...a huge Open Studio Event with 100 artists from all over Cumbria...opening their workshops and homes so people can visit and see artists and craftspeople at work....and I am trying to do 8 things at once and get my studio looking fab...thanks to husband it is!...moving my stuff back in....ok not quite all or there won't be room for my fellow artistes Ian and Stephanie who are coming to share the space...and doing business cards and leaflets and blogs and facebooky things...kind of as I am just learning FB and haven't a clue what I'm doing but daughter thinks it's hugely funny that I am on facebook and she isn't!...oh and making delicious art and craft textile loveliness with which to entice the wonderful visitors who come our studio and see our beautiful work...and did I mention that the house is now strangely empty and we can move around without risk to life and limb from teetering piles...and I start my new gallery job next week ...and so a long lie down may be due in November when it's all over ...wish me luck!

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