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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

reader, I washed those windows!

...a sunny day, warm enough to be out WITHOUT a coat or hat (wow!), equipped with cheerful yellow bucket of soapy water, a sponge and magic window wiper.... result: a sense of virtue AND lovely clean windows to look through at the garden and wonderful view beyond. Downstairs at least... upstairs involves much more paraphenalia, a long ladder and a husband...
The dyson too has had a much needed outing as the dustballs on the stairs were getting rather large....in danger of tripping over them, and no small crawling children around anymore to pick them up. Although very much a follower of the Quentin Crisp model of housework (the dirt doesn't get any worse after the first 3 years) a little tactical cleaning can create a sense of order which is rather pleasing. Plus the reward of a cuppa and a slice and a dash of Woman's Hour.... a nice lie down with the bottle of hsherry more like... 

No seriously, I quite like creating order in the house, just a shame it doesn't last long! Not much to show for your life's work, sometimes feel very Shirley Valetine - thanks goodness for friends, fabric, fun, and making delicious goodies! And going out to work... to a nice orderly desk!

Spring is really coming in apace now, tho the weather is mixed - cold,wet and blustery one day, then much milder and more pleasant the next, very confusing. Not quite time to wash all the woolies yet and mothball 'em.

Everything is coming back to life....

the sheer joy of daffodils

exuberant purple 'pompoms'

amazing yellow frillyness

lush greeness

vibrant clashing primulas

blue skies, rolling clouds and a stunning view

Gardening, it is true, especially after a long cold winter, is 'the Greatest Refreshment to the Spirits of Man' (Francis Bacon)...and Wo-man and Child. Just to be outdoors with your face in the sun.... and even better wth your hands on a trusty garden fork, weeds to be dug, plants to be cut back and tended, seeds to be sewn, earthworms appearing in the soil as you dig, birds that sing above your head and rustle in and out of the hedges....

and a friendly cat to oversee your labours.... mind you you never know what he's thinking! Maybe we should change the name of this publication to 'Basil's Blog' as he does seem to be a rather regular participant! 

I wish she'd stop digging and give me my tea

coltsfoots opening up in the sun


pulmonaria in full rich blue

 Flowers galore, both garden and wild flowers - ie.those that are meant to be there and those that are kindly donated by Mother Nature ...all are welcome tho' I could wish the Romans had kept ground elder to themselves

tiny brave celandines

honesty for free...

early sighting of the Easter bird


delicate cherry blossom defies cold winds

lovely logpile stacked by patient husband - hopefully now for next winter!

garlic greening up nicely - amazing!

Eggs glorious eggs, all shapes and sizes...

Daughter not well this week, did advanced lounging on the sofa with Level 6 DVD watching. Also some reading and just doing nothing (why can't I do that?).... then once feeling a bit better a little craftiness created this pretty wee bird

hanging around outside to see if it can find a friend...
 Found some lovely cards in our new gorgeous bookshop, love these deceptively simple prints by Jane Ormes and her sense of humour!

And not to forget all those wonderful mums out there.....I bought this for myself just in case!! Tho I did get some lovely pressies too, apparently I can't wait to watch St Trinians on DVD and I did get to eat most of the chocs. Thanks, I love being your MUM!

And a final thought, here's another gorgeous inspiring book, don't need to do it all, just start somewhere...

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