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Monday, 28 March 2011

be passionate, follow your heart.....

...see the fabric, buy the fabric, make a lovely bag. Have only those things in your life which you either know to be useful or believe to be beautiful (Wiilliam Morris)  - even better if they can be both! We spotted these gorgeous retro fabrics by John Lewis and just had to acquire a few metres - then put them to good use. Any excuse to sit down and sew a fine seam (or two!). 

Obviously when there are other colours available it is soo difficult to choose, best to have one of each. Then imagine spotting them in the spring magazines - how 'on trend' we are!

It's official, the geese are laying, fortunately not too often as given the size one is enough to feed the whole family! The fridge is filling up with hen and duck contributions too. It may be time to start making ice cream again...yum! Can't make enough cakes to keep up
Goose egg almost the same size as the frying pan!

It has been cold again some snow on the tops, but we have had some lovely sunshine too.  Outside jobs are getting more pleasant, as the ground dries a bit, though the sun is showing up the mucky windows!

Happy snoozing cat keeping warm in the kitchen.....
Early morning mist across the willow patch

Early morning husband off to get the ducks out of bed

What the willow will look like, in about 5 years!
Basil keeping warm and reading his favourite magazine

It may only be March but Easter is on the horizon. Daughter had a creative splurge one morning and produced some lovely happy pics to hang up on the beam in the kitchen. Looking forward to all those chocolate eggs! It is so good to be looking forward to life opening out again after a long cooped up winter.

The garden is coming out in colour all over now as the sun warms the soil and the fresh green foliage is covering the bare earth, just time to do some mulching, and maybe some weeding. If only we could eat buttercups!

Had a visit to family who live over near Penrith, a lovely lunch and lots of fun and games, then a walk into the stunning countryside

Back home to do some making - here's a small corner of heaven!

The trusty friend who works hard to create beautiful stitching

Loving the wool on wool applique in spring colours
A small corner collection

Sunshine and hope are important components of a happy life - add some hens and all is well!

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Lynn said...

Beautiful pics!! I love the look of your work room. I adore that cushion :-) Am I gushing too much- will stop now - clever, talented lady ;-))xxx