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Friday, 18 February 2011

The pleasure of making....

Front of cushion on a favourite old chair

Back of cushion, love the big buttons!
 .....lovely things from unwanted discarded items, re-loving them into a new way of being...here's a simple cushion and a bag created from a beautiful hand-embroidered, slightly-worn tablecloth and a vintage gingham skirt....we love 'em! They feel fresh and spring-like, delicious embroidery on crisp ironed linen. (Photographed outside while the sun was shining!)  

Amy Butler fabric on the back - yummy!

Peep inside, lovely lining

Living in rural Cumbria makes it a leetle tricky to see and buy new fabrics. The Internet obviously is a great way to buy, but we quite like to 'handle the goods' so second hand shops can be a good source too, tho' they are getting a bit expensive these days. Does anyone still have jumble sales out there? or have car boots taken over? There's nothing quite like the buzz of exitement outside a jumble sale for wetting the appetite for all the bargains waiting once you battled your way to the front! Long before vintage became the fashion of the moment, all Granny's goodies were there for a few pennies!

And now for a fab new coat ready for warmer days (being optomistic!) no sooner in the house than beautifully styled by a talented daughter!... and guess what, it cost £6 in a local charity shop. Actually isn't 'thrift' shop a nicer name, it has a more positive ring somehow. Tho' the fact that for a little money a new coat is acquired and at the same time it does good, how cool is that?
And who knows, maybe it's rightful owner will get a look in sometime!

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Lynn said...

Love all the *makes*. It takes real skill to see the possibilities from pre -loved items:-)
Love the syling too - I think she ( does the manequiun have a name? ) was wearing that the last time I was there:-) What a talented bunch you are.xxxx