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Sunday, 10 March 2013

a mother's day...

suhshine and clouds, blue sky and grey
so very cold outside
but warm within, warmed by love
signs of spring but yet still winter
snow on the tops and hail on our faces

mothers all salute our day
each day precious with the gift of a child
and thoughts of our own mothers
maybe gone but still here in who we are
and in what we pass on
with thanks

hearts and minds
the day 
sharing a life
with joy

...as you pick up the socks and kiss a sore knee and hold a small hand...which grows to independence all too soon...hold the moment...it is surely treasure beyond price

  with love to all mothers everywherexx


Down by the sea said...

I agree it is a treasure beyond price and they grow up so quickly!
Lovely pictures despite the snow- roll on some warmer weather!
Sarah x

Emmie and Emma said...

hear hear Sarah! I am a little tired of wearing fleeces all the time...in our uncentrally heated house! Emmax

snood knitter said...

just stumbled on your site, looks lovely, it certainly looks like spring in your pictures but it feels like the coldest winter day here today in London and I'm sure it does too in Cumbria!!!

Emmie and Emma said...

hello snood knitter and welcome! guess we all need some of your lovely creations to keep us warm! at least the cold means it's sunny! x