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Sunday, 30 October 2011

halfterm and halloween happenings....

it's been quite a week, travelling here and there, seeing family and sharing meals and talking and laughing and catching up...
making memories to keep us warm in the long winter nights...

by the sea 
feet in the sand 
in October
spiky grass
rough waves
skein of geese
black green seaweed
sea washed smoothness of shells

apple harvest
warm kitchen
 apple press
slow drip of juice
delicious sweetness
bottles the taste of summer

the rose outside the kitchen window
Mum's favourite
blooms still
put my nose to soft petals
and breathe in
sweet scent

wake to heavenly
red skies in the morning
rain swiftly follows
torrential water downpouring
washing rivers in the lane

pumpkins grown
huge and round on
donkey muck
thanks donkeys!
friends fill the kitchen tonight
carving scary faces in pumpkin flesh
 cakes, friendship and fun

and tomorrow 
time is mine
studio beckons
making again
fabrics and threads
freedom and creation

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