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Friday, 21 October 2011

Friday night... and we are feeling sad

I'm sorry to say that Emily hen has passed away, quietly and peacefully. It's a funny thing but even to the end of the life of any person or any animal there is a tiny ray of hope, of light and energy still with you, and you don't want them to suffer but you don't want the finality of them going either. 

She seemed to be getting better at the weekend, we took her outside for fresh air and she was positively perky, then a day later she was almost comatose, not eating or drinking. So a dilemma - go to the vets and traumatise her more? Do as the local famers would and 'despatch' her (quick but not pleasant for all concerned?)... so we waited. I looked on the internet, no help there really. Instinct kicked in and we waited and watched. By holding her in our arms she would take a little water, otherwise she slept and lay in a coocoon of soft towels in the Big Box. She seemed so peaceful...and that is how she went. We were able to share in her final days...and it was a priviledge. So often I think we are afraid of death and dying, but I think we have all learnt from this experience. Strangely it has brought back memories of my Mum and allowed me to cry about her too.

Emily was just a little barn rescue hen who brought joy to our lives, she was so scrawny when she arrived and it was a delight to see her become healthy, plump and happy in her simple outdoor life...she was always around your feet..pecking them... investigating where you were digging... following you around...we will miss her.

Got to tell my daughter when she comes in...she's had a Grand Day Out with Dad and friends a-birdwatching down on Walney Island - a train ride down the beautiful Cumbrian coastline and apparently pretty blowy while they were there...isn't texting fab! I know all about it despite having been at work...in a warm peaceful but busy gallery!

Hope you've had a good Friday ..here's to a lovely half term holiday...

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Lynn said...

So sorry to hear about Emily :-( Beautifully written post <3