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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

A new blog for the New Year...

and here is what it's looking like...

I can hardly believe that I have been blogging here for 3 whole years and had some 26,000 views from around the world, which is something I find quite astonishing!
Each week and sometimes more often I have found things to say and share, I have met and mingled with some wonderful people and their inspiring blogs and thoroughly enjoyed being out here sharing bits and pieces and some of the joys and challenges of life, I feel I have made friends around the world and if I met you in the street we would all have lots to say!

I have loved being part of a crafty creative network and of a wider community too, I have had so much encouragement and lovely feedback which has helped me on my journey as a maker, and I have loved sharing what I make, even just taking a photo of my work aids my creativity

but, after much procrastination...which is tricky to say let alone spell...I have taken the leap to create a new blog in my own name...it will make it so much easier to follow other people and make comments and I will be able to be ME!

so I am clearing the decks and starting again...I feel a little sad to be leaving this faithful old blog, which has indeed been a friend, but it will sit here quietly, unobtrusively...whilst a new sister blog gets going

I would be more than delighted to see you all over there ...click the title image at the top or here...and I look forward to sharing some new ideas and thoughts and bits and bobs with you

...and it will take me a wee while to get all my following of your blogs sorted out, but I will be there as soon as I can!

love and blessings to you all in 2014


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