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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

a frosty morning

pottering down the garden on Monday, well wrapped up for breakfast outside...a great way to start the day...and this is the beauty which met my eye...

we had a lovely halfterm holiday with friends and family, now it's piles of washing and mess everywhere...I just need to clone myself and catch up and get organised ready for workshops, getting artwork made and dare I say it, the C...word?? 

Even my Dad has made his Christmas cake, which is a wonderful thing, the first he has made since my Mum passed on so it's a real triumph...wish I could smell it warm from the oven! He cooked it the Mary Berry way in the bottom oven of his Aga so was up at midnight taking it out! Not bad for 85!


and on Sunday I had a stall at the Affordable Art Fair at Rheged..a lovely day meeting some really great people, a little selling and of course some buying as there were so many lovely artists and makers there...


think I'd better get out of my pj's now and get down to the studio...there's 'tidying' to be done ready for a textured textiles workshop on Saturday!

have a lovely day!


Down by the sea said...

the frost looks lovely we haven't experienced that down here yet. Your Dad's cake looks wonderful I am impressed. You sound very busy hope you have many buyers at your sales.
Sarah x

somepinkflowers said...

{{ i think
if i could look out my window,
or pop down the road,
and see sheep
i would find
that rather calming ... }}

lovely photos

Things and Thoughts said...

It's so soon for frost but the images are fabulous!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

What a beautiful area. I live in the desert so never, ever see frost. How lovely it is. Kudos to your dad for fixing that cake. Looks great. Best wishes, Tammy