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Friday, 4 October 2013

after the rain

this morning was mild I went outside in my pj's to see what I could see after the heavy rain...

It's been a strange week coming back down to earth after C-art, after 220 people have visited and talked and looked, after lovely days in the studio with Ian and Steph, simple lunches of soup and Ian's freshly made bread, brought each day on his bicycle...and later homemade cake or flapjack to revive flagging artists...we even had lunch outside on 2 days with husband of patience and daughter mine...tho we did have to lock away Emilia the chicken who likes 
to run off wiht your lunch!
ps this is Jess not Emilia so you're safe!

back to this morning, and I am feeling the need to reconnect with our house and garden, even to get earthed and grounded literally so I've been sitting with my feet on the damp grass in the mornings...and starting to sort out the house again after the flurry of studio tidying (or hiding as I like to call it!)to make room for visitors

I pottered round the garden and these are some of what came to my eye, a mix of still flowering summer plants and the browning and gentle dying back of autumn...

and back into the house a new cupboard is going to transform the kitchen, magically housing all sorts of stuff and giving the cats a new perch to keep them off the chairs (ha ha!)...just got to train them up to like it...my job is the painting which makes a nice change...and I can enjoy being just us...whatever you're doing this wekend, enjoy!


Joy said...

You've certainly been busy, as well as having fun Emma! I love all your pics and especially the berries - magnificent shots! What a gorgeous new spot for your furry friends, I think that is ideal and hope it's not too difficult to get them used to the idea.
Wishing you a wonderful relaxed weekend,
Joy x

Alessandra said...

beautiful photos after the rain!!!!!
xxxx Ale

Lyn said...

Love the photos from your garden and it looks like the cats like the cupboard! Xxx

Emma Wigginton said...

Thanks one and all for your lovely comments and for stopping by