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Hello and welcome to my blog, where I love to share a little of my life with you...I am so lucky to be a textile artist and maker...inspired by the beautiful countryside around me and by all sorts of things in my life....if you fancy a creative WORKSHOP take a look here or taking a peep at what's in my ETSY shop click here...thank you for paying me a visit today!

Sunday, 8 July 2012

sunny days...

sing ho for sunny days with green gardens lush after rain, flowers lit up by the sunshine and spirits at their highest in the golden rays of warmth...and light and blessings to all those affected by the adverse weather elsewhere...

I'm off away to the north east again..family meal tonight with loved ones...with nephew and 2 nieces back from uni...a degree to celebrate and just the pleasure of their company...tho it means leaving my little family at home they'll have a good day out in the field and garden here in tranquil Cumbria ...husband of patience is basket making today and who knows what daughter mine will get up to...I'll share her amazing dressmaking with you verry soon!

no making from me this week but have had 2 lovely workshops with wonderful people learning to crochet and suprise themselves with making and sewing delightful bags...fabric, yarn, threads... all manner of textiles we love you!

must dash, go to throw clothes in a bag and gt on my way (did I mention I may just stray into Ikea when I get to Newcastle...more anon!)

hope you have a relaxing Sunday xx

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